What you can expect to experience …

Whether you yearn to become a professional psychic medium, blogger, vlogger, author, artist or something else as equally wonderful, or you just want to feel better about yourself, acknowledge and appreciate your innate strengths more or trust again so that you can remember who you truly are and why you’re here – each of our speakers are not only armed with the life experience to guide you along your JOURNEY TO SUCCESS, but the knowledge and tools to help you manifest your natural gifts, abilities and interest areas into living expressions of LIFE PURPOSE.

Over the weekend, all our speakers will share their SECRETS and HOW TO MAKE IT in the Spiritual Industry – be it as an AUTHOR, PSYCHIC, MEDIUM, ARTIST or HEALER, but in a nut shell, the topics will include:

  • how to build your profile as a practicing PSYCHIC, MEDIUM, AUTHOR, SPIRITUAL TEACHER or PUBLIC SPEAKER;
  • how to follow your dreams of success and – through determination, self-belief and courage – reach them;
  • how to SUCCESSFULLY and ABUNDANTLY build your brand and develop your profile;
  • how to make SOCIAL MEDIA your friend, including the art of blogging, vlogging and other promotional platforms;
  • how to prepare yourself for television, radio and other forms of media;
  • and lots more!

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