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As you may know, I’ve not offered private phone readings for several years. But guess what? I’ve decided to open my books again, but due to my busy schedule, the windows of opportunity available may be limited, or somewhat spasmodic. So, with that in mind, I apologise for the ‘first in, best dressed’ mindset you may need to adopt when considering your booking.


Available dates are:



  • Readings are only available over the phone. Scott does not offer face-to-face readings.
  • No refunds will be given. Those needing to cancel will be encouraged to either reschedule, or to transfer their booking to a friend or family member.
  • Readings will be available on Tuesdays and Wednesdays only.
  • Readings are 30 (thirty) minutes in duration.
  • There will be 6 reading spots available each day.
  • No other weekdays days will be offered, so please do not request changes as refusal may offend.


About my readings:

With over 22 years professional experience behind me, my readings offer solace, insight, guidance and healing, especially when going through change or dealing with the challenges of life. Whether you’re looking for direction in your private, spiritual or professional arenas of life, or you’re just curious to know who and what’s walking with you and what the spirits have to say, my readings are designed to help you get to the heart of any matter. By calling upon the archetypal qualities of the spirit animals, animal spirit guides and / or totems that are currently walking with you, I can confidently pinpoint exactly what needs to be done, how, when and why.

What’s interesting is that, on occasion, your loved ones in Spirit May decide to come through and make themselves known to me, as may beings from the Angelic Realms, Faerie Kingdoms and Elemental Spheres. But when they do, they’ll often show themselves in the guise of an animal, not because they believe I’ll be more comfortable with them in that form, but rather to demonstrate their true character, personality, energetic blueprint, purpose or message. By seeing them in animal-form, and by checking for familiar clues unique to me that betray their true identity, they know I will be immediately able to lock in on who they are, why they’ve come and what they want to say.

If you’ve never had a reading with me, you may like to know that I adhere to some personal rules of ethics as a reader, and these are:

  1. I don’t allow my clients to talk during the reading. The moment I start listening to you will be the moment I stop hearing ‘them’.
  2. During my readings, I do not ask my clients to volunteer information or to expand on the messages I receive. In short, I do not ask leading questions, so please do not volunteer answers. You didn’t book a reading to have me fish for confirmation or explanation. So if I seem to stumble – let me. I’ll figure it out on my own.
  3. The only question I will ask is, ‘What is your first name? So I know who on my list I’m reading for. When I go through my reading list for the day, the only thing I’ll be told is – how many scheduled readings I have in front of me, and what my client’s first names are. Nothing else.
  4. During the reading, I may also ask, ‘Does that make sense?’ Please know that if I do ask this, I’m only checking to see that you’re understanding what I’m saying. I’m NOT asking if I’m correct and I’m NOT asking you to explain or to elaborate.
  5. I don’t allow my readings to be recorded. Feel free to take notes, but please – no recordings.


About my unique Reading Style:

After many years of experience, I have developed the ability to relay the messages and gifts of wisdom from the Animal Spirit world to you, the seeker. I have also come to the realization that these animal spirits may be seen as archetypes – externalized representational facets of our soul, personality and character – aspects for which we are grieving, for example, need healing or require attention.

Have you seen the movie ‘The Golden Compass’? It’s the story of a little girl named Lyra. She lives in a world not that different from ours, except in her world all the people are accompanied everywhere they go by an animal; an animal that is essentially an extension of their being, or more to the point – a physical representation of their soul. In Lyra’s world, these animals are easily seen. They’re physical in form, mirroring the character, beliefs and even the jobs of the people they accompany. In our world, too, we are accompanied by similar animals – only, in our world, no one can see them. No one, that is except me.

I have seen animal spirits with people since I was a very little boy. Not dead pets (I don’t talk to pets – alive or dead!) but rather the totems, animal spirit guides, or ‘power animals’ of the people I meet. They tell me much about the people they accompany – their strengths and weaknesses, hopes and desires. Sometimes they manifest as loved ones in Spirit – but not in the way a regular medium might see them. When I see a passed over loved one, for example, you can bet your bottom dollar they’ll show themselves in animal form; an animal archetype that best captures their character, their spirit, their true essence and the qualities they were best known for when they were alive. So, don’t be surprised if I describe your dad as a Bear, your son as a Monkey or your aunty as a Snow Leopard … it’s my way. And it’s exciting. Depending on the animals I see, I am also able to determine whether or not you’re grieving, in pain or suffering from illness. I am able to see whether or not your son is likely to find himself in trouble with the law, or if your house will sell in time. I can explain the best way to reach your potential, or to find that perfect job – all because I have access to the realms of Spirit by means of the world’s coolest guides – the spirit animals that accompany each and every one of us.

So, even if you’re not an ‘animal lover’ as such, or if you’ve never owned a pet, join me as I bring forth a veritable menagerie of the world’s most exotic animals – all imbued with messages of love from the Spirit World. You may be surprised to discover that you have a small hoard of animals waiting to offer you guidance, insight and healing without ever realising it!

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