My Journey to Success – Maria Elita

My Journey to Success

Or … ‘How I became a successful businesswoman, international author and motivational speaker’.

Success does not simply find a person, it is a ‘way of being’ that becomes immersed in your daily life. Maria was fortunate enough to be born in a family that exuded entrepreneurial spirit, even though they were poor and struggled in the early years. Experiencing firsthand what it was like for her family to go from near poverty to huge business success, played a huge part in the way Maria now interacts in the business world.

Part of the Miracle Coach’s triumphant journey can be connected to her refined intuitive abilities and acting upon ‘gut instinct’ that when followed has brought unexpected opportunity and rewards. In her book ‘The Naked Entrepreneur’ she talks about the value of intuition, and the Power of Surrender, which when mastered together can turn negative habits and circumstances, into positive and profitable times.

Of course, there are moments on the road of success where life gets hard, and a part of you may want to give up, yet Maria believes these moments are ‘on purpose’ and often happen right before the big magic happens. The saying ‘its darkest before the dawn’, simply reminds us that the thing we really want will be worth it, if we persevere and wait until the dawn (opportunity) presents itself. This belief is just one passionate aspect of her mentoring as a ‘business coach’ to many diverse businesses, over many years.

The Miracle Coach teaches about the ‘Five Key Victory Traits’ required to have a successful life, and how to build an empire from ‘just a dream’ – which is possible for anyone with the right attitude, no matter what their circumstances. And if you think it’s not the right time for you, then think again as Maria began her own business over two decades ago as a single mother with 3 small children. Over the years, Maria has been diverse in her services, which have extended beyond business mentoring, life coaching and spiritual teaching. Recently Maria opened FRIGG Cafe with her twin sister, for example; a cafe that is now in the process of being franchised Australia-wide.

So how did Maria’s success happen so quickly? The ‘Five Key Victory Traits’ have a lot to do with it (she’ll be sharing the Five Traits at the conference), plus her willingness to work above and beyond the normal of what society expects and accepts as ‘normal’.

Remember – success does not simply find a person, it becomes a way of being … which you must choose to live!

Join me on the GOLD COAST in October and I’ll help you start your own JOURNEY TO SUCCESS

Maria Elita

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