My Journey to Success ~ Julie McKenzie

My Journey to Success

Or … ‘How I became a successful medium and self-published author’.

Being a psychic or medium requires a great deal of compassion, integrity, knowledge and responsibility. As a Psychic medium, I have the utmost respect for every person I meet, no matter who they are or where they come from. This feeling of helping people understand life outside the box creates a deep passion within me to understand and to teach the ‘Language of Spirit’. It was the knowing that I needed to connect with people on a grander scale that pushed me to go beyond the conventional limits. It became my Life’s Work; my Soul’s Destiny to help others master themselves by teaching, writing and public speaking. As a result, I have since written books, offered many interviews with various forms of media and social media. I have even participated in television shows in both Australia and overseas in a bid to get my work out there. I have travelled a lot and won numerous awards for my efforts all around the world and, while I did all this to heighten my profile, more importantly I did it to have my voice heard and to share my truth. I built my profile and secured myself in the industry by expressing the wisdom that was taught to me. I showed no fear, but instead intuitively trusted and had faith that it was what I was meant to do. As a person, I don’t think I am any better than anyone else, but I know I am a good listener and I’ve kept my promise to act upon the wisdom I’m shown with pure intent and conviction to create a positive ripple effect in this world. Having grown up on an isolated property in Outback Queensland, I somehow built trust and faith in the truth I have found, and as a result my Natural Authentic Self has emerged, and she wants to teach others how they may spiritually evolve as I have. In the end, it’s not how fast you get there but how many people you help along the way.

When I first started my journey as a writer, it was at a pivotal point in my life. My first book, ‘Dancing with Spirit’ was all about my life growing up on an isolated property in Outback Queensland, and my connection to spirit from a very early age. When I decided to get my work published, I knew I needed to maintain complete control over what was said in the book, and that the message I planned share with the world was kept as true to ‘my first efforts at writing’ as possible. I worked hard and produced my first book by myself, and it was received very well. The feedback was positive, with any commenting about the authentic way I had shared my life story. Ten years after it was first published, my first book is still selling well, and continues to receive wonderful reviews. Despite its success however, producing it was a fairly difficult process, due mainly to choosing the wrong publishers to help with the process, and printers that caused exhausting ups and downs, both emotionally and financially. But looking back, the experience made me stronger and more appreciative of the process, forcing me to stand up for my rights and to learn what I could about the industry. During those early days, I vowed to never give my power away again. With that as my motto, I self-published two more titles, knowing that if I was to ever work with a publisher again, with the thought of getting ‘into the big game’ in the hope of getting my work distributed nationally and internationally, it would have to be an honourable publishing company with a strong work ethic and sound reputation; a publishing company that understood life from a writer’s perspective, and that understand what an author writes is an integral part of who they are, and not something to chop up and change.

After much soul-searching, I believe I’ve found the connection I was seeking with Animal Dreaming Publishing. Scott and Trudy have helped me take on the world by nurturing my vision and helping me birth my Universal Prophecy Cards into the world. Not only that, they’ve helped me realise my dream of being both a nationally and internationally recognised author. Animal Dreaming Publishing have provided the security and freedom I yearned for, as I share my life’s work alongside the other authors that belong to the Animal Dreaming Publishing Family. By self-publishing my work, I have grown and evolved as both a writer and a person thanks to the life lessons the process has provided. As a self-published author, I have the freedom to express my wisdom and knowledge in the manner I choose, and the power to share it with the world.

Join me on the GOLD COAST in October and I’ll help you start your own JOURNEY TO SUCCESS

Julie McKenzie

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