Mind Body Spirit Festival welcomes our International Guest Authors

ANIMAL DREAMING PUBLISHING is extremely proud to announce that LISA WILLIAMS will appear as our very special guest at the SYDNEY Mind Body Spirit Festival this October (Oct 4-7, 2018) at the International Convention Centre (ICC) on Darling Harbour.

Lisa Williams is a world-renowned medium and clairvoyant with an amazing ability to communicate with those who have crossed over to the Afterlife.



During the festival, Lisa will present live on the Performance Stage and in the Seminar Room (dates and times to be announced):

PERFORMANCE STAGE: Connecting with the Afterlife – Live Mediumship Demonstration

  • Friday October 5, 2018 (3pm – 4pm)    
  • Saturday October 6, 2018 (11am – 12pm)

Join Lisa as she connects with the Realm of Spirit LIVE ON STAGE and brings through messages from loved ones from the Other Side. This is a great opportunity for you to connect with your loved ones.  The messages Lisa will bring through from your loved ones will be rich with insight and wisdom and will reflect accurately what’s happening in your life as proof that they are always with you. Lisa will also help you understand what happens when we die, and how spirit communicates by means of signs intended to reassure us that they never leave our side.

SEMINAR: Was that a sign from Heaven? How to know when your loved ones in spirit are trying to make contact with you.

NB: dates and times to be announced

Most of us have lost someone we love, and most of us know the sadness and grief that comes with missing them, knowing we will never see them again in this lifetime. Well what if we told you that they are only a thought away, and that when we need them, they are right there beside us. The problem is knowing when to trust our feelings when we believe they are with us, and knowing how to check that our feelings are true. Join Lisa for this enlightening seminar, during which she will talk about signs and omens and explain what form a sign may take, how to identify a sign, and how to respond to them.

And don’t forget that Lisa will also be available for book signings from the ANIMAL DREAMING PUBLISHING stand for a short time after each presentation, so we look forward to you meeting her there.



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