Meet our Inspiring Presenters


See our authors together on stage for the first time live on stage as they share their insights into what makes a successful person, how to reach for and achieve goals that others may deem you unworthy of or unlikely to attain, and how to tap into your own sacred GIFTS, ABILITIES AND INTERESTS which, when acknowledged and honoured, could easily be interpreted as the foundations of your LIFE PURPOSE.


  • Lisa Williams, world-renown psychic medium, author, teacher, speaker and television personality


  • Scott Alexander King, intercontinentally published author, spirit animal psychic, zoomancer, teacher and speaker and co-founder of ANIMAL DREAMING PUBLISHING


  • Maria Elita, internationally published author, creator of the world-famous Atlantis Crystal Healing Bed and successful co-owner of Frigg Café


  • Julie McKenzie, best-selling independent author, celebrated psychic medium and winner of the 2014 season of the International Psychic Challenge filmed entirely in the Ukraine


  • Sharon McLeod, globally recognised and published inspirational artist and author


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