Bringing your dreams to fruition by Manifesting Miracles and Natural Magic

Why a foundation of faith and a belief in natural magic can support Your Journey to Success


When: Friday October 25, 2019

Where: Mercure Resort, Gold coast, QLD

Time: 9am – 5pm

9am – 12.30pm: Manifesting Miracles with Maria Elita


During this workshop, you will:
  • Learn of the Seven Universal Laws centred on the manifestation of Miracles;
  • Learn how, by committing to the Seven Universal Laws, you can move your life from ‘Shit to Sunshine’;
  • Learn how to compose your own Miracle Mantras designed to support your journey and reset your once indoctrinated way of thinking
  • Learn how to map and monitor your miraculous manifestations so that you don’t slip back into the familiar patterns of negative thinking and poverty consciousness




1.45pm – 5pm: Natural Magic with Scott Alexander King


During this workshop, you will:
  • Learn what Natural Magic is, and how you have unwittingly performed it since you were born;
  • Be shown several examples of every day Natural Magic that will illustrate just how simple it is to harness;
  • Learn of the different paths of Natural Magic;
  • Identify what path of Natural Magic most appeals to you, and how you can master it, live it and make it ‘yours’ with ease;
  • Learn how to consciously perform Natural Magic to bring about positive change;
  • Learn how to harness Nature’s Power; its energies, physical manifestations and corresponding elements to support Your Journey to Success in both your private and professional life;
  • Learn how embracing Natural Magic can help you manifest the life you yearn to live.


Please note – While this event is part of the 2019 YJTS WRITER’S CONFERENCE, you are able to book a ticket to this event only, without any obligation to book tickets to the rest of the weekend.

Because we understand everyone has different life commitments, this year you are welcome to either book all three days (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) of the conference as a single package (for super inspiration), or – if you are time-poor like many of us these day – you can tailor your experience by only booking either day one (Friday) on its own, or the weekend (Saturday and Sunday). Whatever you choose, just know you will walk away inspired, excited and well-equipped to start the new phase of your purposeful life!

While we are offering day one (Friday) as a stand-alone workshop, please note the weekend (Saturday and Sunday) can only be booked as a two-day course. It will not be possible to book a ticket for just Saturday or just Sunday. Remember though, all three days (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) can be booked under the one ticket, at a special price.

We look forward to seeing you at the workshop!

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