Canada, here we come!


Animal Dreaming Publishing is beside itself with excitement to announce that, in August this year (18-25/8/19) we will be visiting Edmonton, Canada as the special guests of River Lane Ranch; home of world-celebrated psychic medium, Carmel Joy Baird (star of the hit tv show, ‘Mom’s A Medium’), her herd of Gypsy Vanner Horses, amazing team and beautiful family.


While we are there, we won’t be resting on our laurels though. We’ll be busy!

So much so, our schedule will look something like this:


  • Live Audience ‘Gallery-style’ Readings (Friday Aug 23. 6pm – 8pm) with Scott Alexander King

About Scott’s Live Audience Readings:

Scott has seen animal spirits with people since he was 8 years old. Not dead pets (he doesn’t talk to pets – alive or dead!) but rather the totems, animal spirit guides, or ‘power animals’ of the people he meets. They tell him much about the people they accompany – their strengths and weaknesses, hopes and desires. Depending on the animals he sees, Scott is also able to determine whether or not you’re grieving, in pain or suffering from illness. He is able to see whether or not your son is likely to find himself in trouble with the law, or if your house will sell in time. He can explain the best way to reach your potential, or to find that perfect job – all because he has access to the realms of Spirit by means of the world’s coolest guides – the spirit animals that accompany each and every one of us.

The evening will be a private, exclusive affair, strictly limited to 50 participants. Beverages and light snacks will be provided.

Book your ticket(s) HERE



  • TWO DAY Animal Dreaming Workshop (Saturday Aug 24 – Sunday Aug 25. 10am – 4pm both days) with Scott Alexander King.

About the two day ANIMAL DREAMING workshop:

‘When we look to the Medicine Ways of Nature, we see the Earth and all the creatures that live upon it, as messengers imbued with particular characteristics that offer insight into our own true natures. When we open ourselves to the guidance of Animal Teachers, we receive confirmation of our innate strengths and the medicine we need to heal life’s sorrows. When we experience interdependence with all life, we find our own honoured place in Creation.’ – Scott Alexander King

Although heavily imbued with traditional Shamanic wisdom, Scott calls his path ANIMAL DREAMING: a fresh, new approach to the ancient Earth Medicine teachings that is easy to understand and integrate into your day to day life. While contemplating the world from the two traditional and distinct shamanic perspectives; the tangible and the non-tangible, his message is simple – ‘Whenever you’re stuck or lost, look to the animals for guidance, interpret their messages and incorporate the wisdom gained into your life – and give thanks’.

If the Earth is our Mother, then we must be her children; and just as any mother would want her children to thrive, the Earth Mother is no different. Her love for us is unconditional. She supports us, cradles us and whispers her support to us every hour of every day. She speaks metaphorically. She uses symbols, and – in my world – her symbols are the animals.

Join Scott as he opens the floodgate of knowledge that is Animal Dreaming, and during his presentation, learn to remember the ancient symbolic language of the animals and, in the process, heal your relationship with yourself, your life … and the world all around.

Much of the two-day workshop will be held outdoors (perhaps in the Ranch’s massive arena. Just think of all that majestic Gypsy Vanner energy adding to atmosphere), with participants asked to bring their own pens, paper, water bottles and lunch.

Book your ticket(s) HERE



  • Scott will also be available for Private Readings while at the Ranch. Book your PRIVATE READING(s) HERE



We can’t wait.

Remember that bookings for all of Scott’s events are essential.

And if you happen to be in Edmonton at that time, or if you have friends or family nearby, please feel free to share this link on your social media pages using the following hashtags: #animaldreaming #animaldreamingpublishing and #scottalexanderking


We’d love to have you all join us.


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