7-Night Pacific Island Cruise with LISA WILLIAMS


24th Nov 2017 – 1st Dec 2017

Join Animal Dreaming Publishing and LISA WILLIAMS as we sail the Pacific Ocean aboard the Pacific Aria while exploring the Realms of Spirit, the AFTERLIFE and the world of the psychic medium.

Basic Information:

• 7 nights
• 3 ports
• Departs: Brisbane
• Ship: Pacific Aria
• Date: Friday 24th Nov 2017 – Friday 1st Dec 2017
• Cruise #: A744N


NB: You can join us on the cruise without having to attend the seminar and ticketed mediumship show with Lisa Williams, but understand that without booking into the seminar or show, you won’t be given access.

Please follow the links below to pay your NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT:


Interior Cabin –           $998.00 (twin share) + $660 seminar ticket                  = $1658.00

Oceanview Cabin –     $1025.00 (twin share) + $660 seminar ticket                  = $1685.00

Balcony Cabin –         $1349.00 (twin share) + $660 seminar ticket                  = $2009.00

Suite –                           $ 1899.00 (twin share) + $660 seminar ticket                  = $2599.00


Interior Cabin –           $998.00 (twin share) + $200 show ticket                  = $1198.00

Oceanview Cabin –     $1025.00 (twin share) + $200 show ticket                  = $1225.00

Balcony Cabin –         $1349.00 (twin share) + $200 show ticket                 = $1549.00

Suite –                           $ 1899.00 (twin share) + $200 show ticket                  = $2099.00


Interior Cabin –           $998.00 (twin share) + $860 seminar & show ticket                  = $1858.00

Oceanview Cabin –     $1025.00 (twin share) + $860 seminar & show ticket                  = $1885.00

Balcony Cabin –         $ 1349.00 (twin share) + $860 seminar & show ticket                  = $2209.00

Suite –                           $ 1899.00 (twin share) + $860 seminar & show ticket                  = $2799.00

FRIENDS & FAMILY – Cruise only

Interior Cabin –           $998.00 (twin share)

Oceanview Cabin –     $1025.00 (twin share)

Balcony Cabin –         $1349.00 (twin share)

Suite –                           $ 1899.00 (twin share)

When we are not spending time on some of the world’s most beautiful tropical beaches, shopping, enjoying the delicious food on board and the entertainment – or simply relishing in the thrill of being at sea, we will spend four hours a day learning all about the Realms of Spirit and the AFTERLIFE under the tutorage of internationally celebrated psychic medium, Lisa Williams. During the intensive 15-hour course, spread over three ‘at sea’ days, we will – among other exciting things:


• what it takes to be a Psychic Medium
• how you know if you have the Gift
• how to develop your skills so you can connect with your loved ones in Spirit


• tried and proven ways to trust your intuition and your connection to the Spirit World
• techniques and methods designed to empower your ability to trust your Signs from Heaven
• your own psychic gifts and your ability to connect with the Afterlife


• 15 hours of up close and personal teachings from one of the world’s most recognised and respected Psychic Mediums
• the World of Spirit being accessed first hand and messages from the Other Side being shared right in front of you
• a ticketed 2.5 hour ‘Private Mediumship Show’ hosted by Lisa Williams, exclusive to course participants and their friends and family who have joined them on the cruise

How does it get any better than that?

About Lisa Williams:

Lisa Williams is a world-renowned medium and clairvoyant with an amazing ability to communicate with those who have passed on to the other side.

Born in England, Lisa was discovered by Merv Griffin and introduced to audiences through two seasons of her own hit show, Lisa Williams: Life Among the Dead, along with Voices from the Other Side and Lisa Williams Live. All of these shows are now airing around the world. She has also appeared on Keeping Up with The Kardashians, Anderson Cooper, Oprah, The Ricki Lake Show, Good Morning America, The Today Show, Larry King Live and Jimmy Kimmel Live.

When she’s not performing in front of large live audiences worldwide, Lisa offers workshops and courses in mediumship, developing psychic ability, intuition and meditation. In 2013 she launched the Lisa Williams International School of Spiritual Development (lwissd.com), through which she delivers her classes with her own unique and very hands-on method of teaching. Through the school, Lisa offers access to her personally trained and certified mediums and psychics who are part of the LWISSD Directory.

As well as workshops, Lisa offers a variety of online courses, from beginner to advanced levels. Her online video series, ‘The Confident Soul’, is aimed at building confidence within relationships and in the workplace. She is also the accomplished author of several books on mediumship and spirituality, including Survival of the Soul and Life Among the Dead, I Speak to Dead People, Can You? (retitled and republished in 2016 as Was that a Sign from Heaven? How to Connect with the Afterlife), and the insightful Intuitive Soul Oracle Cards designed to open our intuitive gifts and develop the psychic senses, and she is currently working on a comprehensive A-Z reference guide about the afterlife and a book that explores the topic of soul mates and soul connections. You can find more details on Lisa’s work and events on her website, LisaWilliams.com

Lisa lives in New York State with her son, Charlie, and their two dogs, Max and Lucy.

Cabin Descriptions:


Equipped with everything you need, it’s the prefect sanctuary after a full day of adventure on deck and ashore.




Oceanview rooms feature a window or porthole so you won’t miss a single ocean view. It’s nice to know there’s a cosy, clean sanctuary with your name on it, equipped with everything you need.




Open your doors and let the outside in! Make the most of your time at sea with your own private Balcony Room, it’s the best way to enjoy all the comfort of our onboard rooms and all the beauty of living on the ocean.




Offering the high life on the high seas with a balcony, separate sitting area, priority embarkation, complimentary laundry service, a Nespresso coffee machine, and iPod music system.



The rates quoted are inclusive of taxes, port fees and other government charges, plus:

  • All main meals (except if you opt to partake in the specialty dining options where there is an extra charge per person)
  • All on board facilities and entertainment









‘At Sea’ Seminar Program and ‘Ports of Call’ dates (nights 1-7):

  1. Friday 24 November
    Depart Brisbane
    Time: 2pm
    Meet and Greet drinks for all COURSE PARTICIPANTS on arrival (1-hour duration)
  2. Saturday 25 November
    At Sea
    ‘WAS THAT A SIGN FROM HEAVEN?’ seminar with Lisa Williams
    Seminar Room
    3pm – 5pm
  3. Sunday 26 November
    Visit Noumea
    Times: 3pm – 10pm
  4.  Monday 27 November
    Visit Lifou
    Times: 8am – 5pm
  5. Tuesday 28 November
    Times: 8am – 5pm
    Visit Port Vila
  6. Wednesday 29 November
    At Sea
    ‘WAS THAT A SIGN FROM HEAVEN?’ seminar with Lisa Williams
    Seminar Room
    3pm – 5pm
  7. Thursday 30 November
    At Sea
    ‘WAS THAT A SIGN FROM HEAVEN?’ seminar with Lisa Williams
    Seminar Room
    3pm – 5pm
    Mediumship Demonstration
    Seminar Room
    7pm – 9.30pm

8. Friday December 1
Arrive back in Brisbane
Time: 6am

About our Ports of Call:


All the flavour and ambience of a bustling, sophisticated provincial French town with the friendly charms, adventure and heavenly climate of the Pacific Islands.







Long stretches of white sand beach, small coves, limestone caves, grottos and imposing cliffs give the island one of the most dramatic landscapes in the Pacific.







Port Vila

Port Vila has seen more history and change than many towns ten or even a hundred times its size. When it comes to culture, tradition and history, this is a city with an incredible depth of each.




Departure details:

On Friday 24 November, please meet at Portside Wharf, 39 Hercules Street, Hamilton, QLD 4007. The check-in time for your cruise will be displayed on your Cruise eTicket. Arriving at the wharf early does not guarantee early embarkation, so to avoid congestion and long wait times, please do not arrive prior to your published check-in time. Check-in closes one hour prior to your cruise’s scheduled departure time.

For a list of other FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS regarding the cruise, CLICK HERE



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