How to manifest and live your LIFE PURPOSE

as an Inspirational Human Being, Professional Speaker, Published Author, Recognised Artist, Empathetic Healer, Trusted Psychic or Medium

A Self-Empowerment Conference with Lisa Williams, Scott Alexander King, Maria Elita, Sharon McLeod and Julie McKenzie


Whether you yearn to become a professional psychic medium, blogger, vlogger, author, artist or something else as equally wonderful, or you just want to feel better about yourself, acknowledge and appreciate your innate strengths more or trust again so that you can remember who you truly are and why you’re here, the YOUR JOURNEY TO SUCCESS Self-Empowerment Conference is for you!


– WHERE: ROYAL PINES RESORT, Ross Street, Benowa, Gold Coast, QLD

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– WHEN: Friday October 19 – Sunday October 21, 2018

– COST: $888 per person

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As you’ve journeyed through life …

  • Have you ever wondered what your LIFE PURPOSE is?
  • Have you had powerful, life-changing ideas, but struggled to know how to bring them to fruition?
  • Are you on a soul-seeking journey that’s pushing you to make the most of what life is offering you?


In today’s modern world we are often torn between following our dreams and feeling bogged down by the mundane pressures of life, being accountable and doing what society demands.

When we find ourselves caught in the humdrum of every-day life though, we can lose focus and forget one important thing: ourselves.

We forget who we are, what makes us happy and why we are even here, living this life on this beautiful blue and green planet called Earth.

In our bid to be responsible and good, most of us have become blind to our own wants and desires, merged instead to become just ‘one of many’, having lost sight of what it means to be a unique and self-governing supreme being. While it is important and feels wonderful to belong to something; a group, family or a community, it’s no less important to live our life in celebration of who we are as individuals, to honour our personal goals and ambitions, and to live our life journeying toward our ultimate success, on a personal level if not a professional one. As author Mandy Hale once wrote,

It’s not selfish to love yourself, take care of yourself, and to make your happiness a priority. It’s necessary’.

And it is with this sentiment in mind that ANIMAL DREAMING PUBLISHING presents the inaugural YOUR JOURNEY TO SUCCESS – how to manifest and live your LIFE PURPOSE 3-day Conference over the weekend of October 19 – 21, 2018.

Join our amazing line-up of internationally recognised GUEST SPEAKERS, all of whom have reached a level of success in their professional life by first taking control of their destiny, overcoming massive personal obstacles, hitting rock bottom before reaching for the stars, and proving to themselves that they are worthy of happiness, recognition and greatness.

Do you want to GET PUBLISHED?

Well, everyone who attends this course goes into the draw to WIN! CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE!

During this event you will:

  • Enjoy a wonderful MEET AND GREET on the morning of day one, where you will get to SHOP and mingle with the SPEAKERS, our SELF-PUBLISHED AUTHORS and the ORGANISERS of this life-changing event, introduce yourself and perhaps, snap a few selfies;
  • Be inspired! Remember what it feels like to BE, to FEEL and to BELONG in an industry that’s all about LOVE and LIFE PURPOSE;
  • Remember what it was that you wanted to do when you were little, which when you put the details aside, was really just to feel like you were ON THE RIGHT PATH, contributing to the world in a MEANINGFUL WAY;
  • Be inspired by each of the speakers as they share their inspirational tales of self-acknowledgement, realisation and healing to ultimately reaching varying levels of success, recognition for their work and, in some cases, celebrity status and fame;
  • Learn to develop self-assurance and grow your skill-set to the point you can confidently share space among the best in your field;
  • Learn how to believe in your ability to create AND LIVE the life you know you deserve;



Day Two of the conference (Saturday October 20) will be dedicated entirely to those who yearn to turn their love of writing, painting and drawing into a career as a published author and / or artist. NB: Artists and Writers of all levels are welcome to participate in this segment of the conference.  READ MORE


Over the course of the weekend, Lisa Williams will also introduce participants to the concept of CHANNELED WRITING. Channeled writing is a form of mediumship during which the channel receives insight and wisdom from their guides and ascended teachers, relaying their messages through the written word. Acting as a conduit of spiritual knowledge, the channel receives, records and shares the messages they receive from the spirit world through their writing, knowing they are intuitively tapping into an empathetic intelligence that transcends our human comprehension. As an aid to help break writer’s block and a legitimate form of mediumship in its own right, participants will not only learn to how to channel the love and guidance of Spirit through the art of automatic writing, they will also learn to trust their ability to channel spirit so that self-doubt doesn’t come knocking ever again.

And on the Saturday night, join LISA WILLIAMS LIVE ON STAGE as she offers a enlightening TRANCE MEDIUMSHIP DEMONSTRATION for everyone in attendance. *Please note, this is offered as a separate event, with tickets available for purchase HERE

We hope to see you there!

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