Writers Retreat 2016

All participants will receive:

A beautiful writer’s journal to keep
A beautiful pen with which to start your writing career
Opportunity to submit their manuscripts to Animal Dreaming Publishing for consideration

Animal Dreaming Publishing proudly offers one on one author mentoring and coaching through its unique luxury 7-day intensive residential AUTHORS WAY WRITING RETREAT, co-facilitated by leading Australian spiritual authors and teachers, Scott Alexander King and Maria Elita.

  • Have you always dreamed of having a spare week to do nothing but focus on your writing and your creative self?
  • Have you ever dreamed of hiring a private mansion in an exotic location so that you can write without interruption, like they do in the movies?
  • And have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a private coach (or two) who just happens to be a best-selling published author there with you, to guide your growth and development as a writer, every step of the way?

Well, here’s your chance!

Picture this – seven full days on Queensland’s beautiful Gold Coast in a water-front luxury mansion with nothing to do but write, relax, eat good food, write, swim, write, rest, write, write … with internationally published authors, Maria Elita (author of ‘the Atlantis Oracle’, ‘The Miracle’ and the ‘Naked Entrepreneur) and Scott Alexander King (author of ‘Animal Dreaming’, ‘World Animal Dreaming’, and the ‘Oracle of the Innocent Heart’)

The daily creative writing exercises facilitated by Maria and Scott are designed to build your confidence as a writer and your skills as an author. You will write every day during this luxury retreat, with each session focusing on a different approach, topic and theme.

Writers of all levels are welcome to attend this retreat. Whether you yearn to be a published author someday or you simply want to write for your own pleasure, or your friends and family, our goal is to help you trust your creativity and unique writing voice, to silence the inner ‘writing critic’ and to get you to the point where you believe in yourself as a writer, no matter how new you are to the art.

During the retreat, each participant will enjoy a one-on-one mentoring chat with either Maria or Scott. Participants will enjoy guest presenters who will speak on a variety of inspiring topics designed to help you unlock your writer-potential and remove all hint of writer’s block. Mealtime will also offer a wonderful opportunity to chat with Maria and Scott and the other participants about the life of the author.

Our Luxury Venues offer a truly inspiring and magical environment to explore our creativity.

These retreats are not just about ‘learning to write’, just as it’s not only about honing your skills as a writer. This retreat is designed to help you understand what it means to live the ‘writer’s lifestyle’. To do this, we will share with you how to create your own writer’s nook; a sacred grove where your creativity is free to flow. We will encourage you as you learn to face and destroy the inherent limitations that hinder you from becoming the author you were always meant to be, and we will nurture your creativity all day, every day so that you can fully embrace a realistic understanding of ‘the Author’s Way’.

And in the process of embracing the ‘Author’s Way, you will also learn things about the Publishing Industry that you might never learn on your own. Scott and Maria will share their own personal experiences, for example, by telling their stories: the good, the bad and the ugly.

Learn about the pros and cons of being published:

  • How to properly submit a manuscript
  • Your chances of being ‘picked up’ by a publishing house
  • Advances and Royalties
  • Publishing Contracts
  • Distribution – Getting your books into shops and overseas
  • Copyright and protecting yourself as an author
  • Promotion and Publicity

And learn about the pros and cons of being SELF-published

Learn how to turn your writing hobby into a career as an author by asking yourself:

  • Who am I writing for?
  • What am I writing?
  • When will I begin / finish writing?
  • Why am I writing?

For example, are you writing for your own pleasure? Are you writing to get a publishing deal (do you really know what a publishing deal is or what the term means)? Or are you writing to inspire others?

Learn how to effectively promote yourself as an author by establishing a profile, getting your work ‘out there’, building an audience, and marketing and branding yourself and earning an income from your writing, both short term and long term.

Please note: These retreats are strictly limited to 10 PARTICIPANTS ONLY

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Animal Dreaming Publishing


  • How to properly submit a manuscript
  • Your chances of being ‘picked up’ by a publishing house
  • Advances and Royalties
  • Publishing Contracts
  • Distribution – Getting your books into shops and overseas
  • Copyright and protecting yourself as an author
  • Promotion and Publicity
  • The importance of writing every day
  • Why it’s important for a book to ‘feel good’ in your hands
  • How your favourite author can inspire your own writing
  • How to overcome writer’s block
  • Intuitive writing; using your gut instinct as a writer when it comes to editing, etc.
  • What your writing routine is as a writer
  • Writers tips
  • The four main archetypes that make a writer
  • The four main motives that inspire all writers
  • The four methods that govern all writers
  • The four questions that all writers need to ask to anchor their intentions
  • The four seasons and how they energetically influence all writers
  • The four influences that can help explain the muses or blocks that affect all writers
  • The daily tasks that all writers might do to ensure creativity and flow
  • Activities designed to abolish your inherent fears and blocks