Faery Magic (mini) Message Cards


70 Mini Affirmation Cards with Instructions for Use

Written and Illustrated by Sharon McLeod



Affirmation Cards

Insight / Guidance / Faery Lore

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ISBN: 978-0-9953642-4-0
Dimensions: Box 170mm x 125mm / Cards 7 x 10.5 cm (new card size)

The palm-sized affirmation-style Message Cards are perfect to carry in your pocket or handbag everywhere you go. Illustrated on one side with a short message on the other, the mini message cards are ideal for spontaneous readings given on public transport, while traveling with friends or family, when stopping for a coffee, or whenever you are in need of quick and easily accessible personal guidance.


The Faery Magic Message Cards offer access to the realm of the faeries and elemental beings. Calling on the powers of the gnomes, earth spirits, and of course the faeries, these cards provide sacred wisdom while taking you on a journey of magic, discovery and illumination. The Faery Magic Message Cards were created to strengthen your intuition, enlighten your soul, and offer personal access to the realm of faery, so that you may know and truly appreciate the primal wisdom of the Fae.


Each card offers a positive affirmation intended to guide and inspire, answer important questions, or to simply cast a light powerful enough to brighten your day and clear your vision. Allow the Faery Magic Message Cards to reveal the insight of divine synchronicity as you remember what it means to know yourself and honour your healing journey back to love, wonder and manifestation.


Inspired by the author’s ancestral connection to the Romany Gypsies on her mother’s side, and the McLeod’s blood-ties to Faeries on her father’s, Sharon invites you to reconnect with the Faeries and the Collective Consciousness of Nature and the Ancient Ways through the Faery Magic Message Cards.


These cards provide a powerful yet simple way to access the divine power of the faeries, while energetically inviting them to influence and guide you along your path.

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Weight 500 g
Dimensions 17 x 12.5 cm


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