Banyan Tree Wisdom


A Self-Published Title


Mind Body Spirit / Affirmation / Inspiration / Nature

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Dimensions: 150mm x 160mm x 8mm

80 pages

Black and white photos

ISBN –  978-0-9953642-1-9


I felt as if I had been transported back to the fear, the confusion and grief that I had lived so long ago. I felt trapped. Back then, I used to leave my body and escape the world when I felt like this. I had finally reached my breaking point. I wanted to hide. I wanted to scream. I wanted out. What sort of person just drops everything and steps out of their life? I can tell you because I did it. It’s a desperate one – one who needs to survive. The Universe chose the destination. I was guided and took notice. I left Australia and my family behind, leaving only a note to my husband. It was time to revisit the childhood horror of sexual abuse and forgive and release my past. I was guided into the heart of a thousand-year-old Banyan tree, at the far north tip of Mauritius, and I sat in her heart centre. She gently guided me inward to unlock my painful past and learn true forgiveness. I learned to trust unconditionally; letting go of the need to control everything in my life; letting go of being needed by everyone; and letting go of my expectations of a desired outcome. I discovered that deep within me sat a silence. When the Banyan tree spoke, she gave me a gift – she opened my heart and gave me completeness. Sharing her words is my gift to you. I dream that the language of a complete heart be felt worldwide.

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