Effective marketing and PR will help your book’s chances of becoming a best-seller. The trouble with marketing and PR is that neither are quick fix roads to instant or overnight success. They are both something that are on-going, and require dedication and commitment on a daily basis. While you can hire PR agents or people who specialise in marketing, the best person to market your book after it is published – is you! You and your book need to be seen over and over again, in a multitude of ways, to win the trust and respect of your readership, and to inspire them to buy what you are selling.

Your intended readership need to:

  • See you and your book as much as possible in all forms of printed media (newspapers, magazines, flyers), on blogs, social media such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, and websites (yours and others)
  • Hear you speak about your book on radio, on stage or on national TV shows like morning shows and current affairs type programs
  • Feel inspired to add their name to your mailing list to receive your newsletters, flyers and other promotional material
  • Become part of your community, so invite them to your events, book signings, workshops and seminars and you’re your website

So, to ensure your chances of ticking all these boxes, Animal Dreaming Publishing will provide – as a standard part of your package (unless you choose not to take some or any of them up):

  • At least one book review in a leading Australian alternative magazine
  • Your own tailor-made 3-4 page website with shop included
  • A downloadable PDF version of your book
  • Promotion on the Animal Dreaming Publishing Facebook Page and website, as well as on the official Animal Dreaming WEBSITE
  • Opportunity to speak / present on main stage at some of Australia’s leading Mind Body Spirit festivals, including Sydney’s FESTIVAL OF DREAMS that attracts local and recognised international guest speakers and presenters
  • Opportunity to be represented on Animal Dreaming Publishing’s own stand at these same festivals, including FESTIVAL OF DREAMS, whether you choose to speak / present or not
  • Opportunity to speak at exclusive Animal Dreaming Publishing sponsored author ‘GET PUBLISHED’ Events
  • Networking and ongoing support with fellow authors and the Animal Dreaming Publishing team

Other affordable, independent marketing opportunities Animal Dreaming Publishing can provide by appointment include:

  • Private business coaching and training in media and social media in person or via Skype
  • Advertising in Australia’s leading spiritual / new age magazines
  • Introduction to a professional PR agent with media contacts in radio and tv, etc
  • A kindle-friendly eBook uploaded to Amazon with links from your website
  • A larger website (up to 6 pages) with a blog, live social media feeds, etc