So you want to GET PUBLISHED?

A FREE series of talks with Scott Alexander King, co-founder of Animal Dreaming and Animal Dreaming Publishing

How to turn a love of WRITING into a career as a published AUTHOR

Whether you just love writing or you are thinking of writing a book, actually writing a book (of any stage of completion)
or if you dream of writing a book someday, this ‘introduction to writing and publishing’ talk is for you.

Below are the planned locations for the free GET PUBLISHED AUSTRALIA talks

Please note that some of the dates are yet to be confirmed

Approximate times for the FREE seminars will be 7:00pm – 9:30pm

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What you will learn by attending the free GET PUBLISHED AUSTRALIA seminars

How to turn your writing hobby into a career as an author by asking yourself:
• Who am I writing for?
• What am I writing?
• When will I begin / finish writing?
• Why am I writing?
• Are you writing for your own pleasure?
• Are you writing to get a ‘publishing deal’ (are you even sure you know what that term means or involves)?
• Are you writing to inspire others?
• How to GET PUBLISHED in Australia, focusing on the benefits of being SELF-PUBLISHED by a company that prides themselves on EMPOWERING THE AUTHOR ON ALL LEVELS.

During this FREE 2.5-hour talk, you will learn about the publishing industry (the good, bad and ugly), how to pitch a manuscript, what it REALLY means to be ‘offered a contract’, and what the alternatives are to signing your manuscript over to a publisher (and what it really gets you if you do). Learn how to effectively promote yourself as an author by establishing a profile, getting your work ‘out there’, building an audience, and marketing and branding yourself and earning an income from your writing, both short term and long term.

About ANIMAL DREAMING PUBLISHING: Animal Dreaming Publishing is an Australian family owned assisted self-publishing company based in the picturesque Northern Rivers Hinterland of Northern New South Wales. With a preference for Australian authors, Animal Dreaming Publishing favours the mind-body-spirit, family, fiction and general non-fiction genres. At Animal Dreaming Publishing we vow to help you transform your raw manuscript into a professionally published book. We offer a variety of packages with varying levels of services that will see your work presented at the highest quality.